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Eagle Scouts at Luers HS·Adam Baker is the son of Karen and Craig Baker. He is a junior and a member of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish. Adam replaced a flag pole at St. Joseph Church on Brooklyn Avenue. He also did some landscape work there.

·Nicholas Burrell is a senior. He is the son of Robert and Linda Burrell and a member of St. John the Baptist Church in Fort Wayne. Nick designed and built two walkways and three benches for ACRES Landtrust.

·John Michael Chandler is a senior. He is a member at St. Aloysius in Yoder and the son of Steven and Annette Chandler. John did some landscaping in front of his church. This included sprucing up ground around the statues and signs.

·Physics teacher Jason Draper is the son of David and Lucy Draper. Jason attends Washington Center United Methodist Church. He painted the community building for Washington Township, Whitley County, IN and repaired the historical marker sign.

·Dominic Frecker is the son of Brian and Jodie Frecker. He is a junior and attends St. Aloysius Church. Dom painted a map of the United States on his church’s playground. He also installed a see-saw.

·Christopher Heiny, a sophomore, is the son of Charles and Ann Heiny. He is a member of St. John the Baptist Church in Fort Wayne. Chris staked up newly planted trees in the Woodhurst addition.

·Mark Hellinger, a junior, is the son of Karen and Mark Hellinger. He belongs to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. Mark built a grotto at St. Elizabeth. It costs $4000 and involved about 290 combined hours. It is adjacent to the football field.

·Junior Mathieu Helmick is the son of Aimee and Eric Helmick. He is a member of Precious Blood parish. Mathieu built friendship benches and remodeled a garden at Imagine MASTer Academy.

·Sean Katen is the son of Thomas and Robin Katen. He attends St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Decatur. Sean is a senior. His project involved a drainage ditch in Geneva, Indiana. It is perpendicular to a busy road and adjacent to a suburb. Sean built a bridge across the ditch for the elderly to drive their golf carts across and into downtown Geneva. The bridge also connects a system of trails in Limberlost.

·Sean McManus is the son of Dr. Michael and Mary McManus. His is a senior and a member of St. John the Baptist Church in Fort Wayne. Sean cleaned and repainted the servers’ room at the Church.

·Matthew Sroufe attends St. Henry Church. He is a senior and the son of Mary and Randy Sroufe. He restored a Civil War Veteran Memorial by removing all of the topsoil from around it, putting down weed barrier, making a brick border, filling it in with river rocks and putting a chain around it.

·Mason Wigent, a senior, is the son of Dave and Kelli Wigent. He is a member of St. John the Baptist Church in New Haven. Mason redesigned a playground which included set up of an outdoor volleyball court with removable posts and a kickball field.

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