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As Americans we have been given advice on most aspects of our lives. In fact, since we were young our mothers have always given us sound advice. “Eat your veggies.” “Look both ways.”

As adults we are given advice by lawyers, bankers, doctors, financial planners, and the like. We accept this professional advice and are grateful for it. After all, these people are professionals and they know what they are talking about.

Why is it that we then plan to travel without seeking the same level of professional advice? We are leaving our home, going to a strange new place and experiencing new things. Yet we seem to plan and execute such travel without any professional help.

On February 10, 2013 the Carnival Triumph lost propulsion and drifted to sea. The ship was towed to Mobile, AL on February 14. Had she not drifted the ship could have easily been towed to Progresso, Mexico sparing the passengers the terrible experiences they ultimately suffered on board.

What would have happened to them when they got to Mexico? American citizens are not currently required to have passports in order to take a cruise that begins and ends in a US port. US citizens are, however, required to have passports to re-enter the US by air or land. Those passengers with valid passports could have easily flown home. For those without passports the answer is less certain. With so many stranded Americans, the US Government may have made a special exception for these passengers.

What if tragedy had not struck an entire cruise ship, but just one family? On November 15, 2011 a mother and daughter were in a parasailing accident in St. Thomas, USVI. They were passengers on a cruise ship and were on vacation to celebrate the mother’s 60th birthday. The mother passed away and the daughter was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. It was just an accident. High winds were found to be the cause. The family had to be flown home. The daughter’s hospital bills mounted.
What if that happened to your family? Would your insurance cover you in another country? Who would you call?

A qualified travel professional can answer all of these questions. They can advise you of the proper documentation so you don’t get stranded. They can arrange proper travel insurance so your family is covered in an emergency. There is no additional cost to book your vacation with a qualified travel professional. Best of all, the advice is free!

From the time we are children getting advice from Mom until adulthood getting advice from our doctors, we turn others for advice. It just makes sense to take advantage of the free advice offered by a local travel professional.
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The Waynedale News Staff

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