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Azars Big Boy Remodels ResturantAzar’s Big Boy has been regarded as a landmark in Waynedale since the 1980’s. Recently this family restaurant and drive-thru has reclaimed its identity in the community through a series of remodels and changes. With its new contemporary–retro design, Azar’s has a brighter and more open appeal for all families who want to visit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Azar’s took on this new look by adopting an open concept design allowing more daylight into the dining room from the large glass windows on the road sides of the building. Just by walking in the main entrance, you will immediately notice the difference in appearance is not just the new paint. The dining room has been updated with new booths, carpet, lighting, graphics and more. It seems as though just about every feature of this restaurant has been updated or enhanced to please the eyes of their customers.

Along with the physical changes at the restaurant there are also new additions to the menu. You will still find all the favorite Big Boy classics but with some new additions, including many seasonal specials.
None of these innovative new designs and remodeling projects would have been brought to life if not for the hard work from local contractors brought to Azar’s by Strahm General Contracting: Hambrock Electric, Brachts Custom Cabinets, Greer Painting, Pfief Flooring, and Cordes Drywall.

If you have not had a chance to dine at Azar’s Big Boy since their reopening in March, it is truly an experience that must be seen to enjoy. With all the new additions and refreshing changes, it is obvious that Azar’s Big Boy is here to stay for the “long haul” in the community of Waynedale.

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Megan Ryan

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