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In early February my unattended truck was struck. The other driver chose not to stay and take responsibility. There was the typical police reports, insurance, repair quote, and of course, the deductible. For the most part simple things but, time consuming. Living in Waynedale, I chose to keep my business local.

I took my truck to Simons Body Shop where I met Greg Simon. He looked at the damage, he also noted additional damage that the insurance would not cover. Before I knew it, we were talking about Waynedale, families and mutual friends.

I then stopped in across the street at Marquart’s Custom Creations to see owner Marcus Marquart on some unrelated issues. I also shared with him as to why I was at Simons.

I’m currently battling some personal issues which prevented me from delivering thetruck for repair. Greg not only picked up my truck, he also delivered it back to my home when

it was done earlier then expected. In the seat, I found a completed work order, receipt, and my VOIDED check with a note, “Paid for by an Anonymous Friend”.
Between Greg Simon and Marcus Marquart, my deductible and additional repair was paid in full!

A true example of neighbors helping neighbors, and Waynedale supporting Waynedale!

Your kindness and professionalism did not go unnoticed!

THANK YOU my Friends!
– Tim White

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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