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PEOPLE TO PEOPLE FOR LIFETIMEJohn Plohr, a sophomore at South Side High School, a member of the speech team, outgoing and funny, and likes to help people. His interests are history, video games and art, which he will pursue as a career after high school. John is charismatic, charming and has a great attitude towards life. He has also been selected to travel with People to People during the summer of 2013.

What is People to People?

In 1956, President Eisenhower proposed a peaceful solution for a war-ravaged world. That solution? Give every day citizens of different countries the opportunity to meet and get to know each other, and the result will be understanding, friendship and lasting peace.

People to People mission: To bridge cultural and political borders through education and exchange, creating global citizens and making the world a better place for future generations.

People to People Ambassador Programs provide educational trips that cause Student Ambassadors to look at the world, its people and international events differently. It’s a change that could mean the difference between being passed over by the ideal employer-or a future full of achievement. John will be able to receive high school credit and have more choices to choose from for college. People To People programs have been shown to increase a student’s cultural intelligence (CQ) as effectively as a whole semester abroad.

People to People Ambassador Programs take students closer to important events and real understanding. They meet people face to face, get involved in their daily lives with home stays, and truly immerse themselves into another culture.
People to People Student Ambassadors are special kids doing a lot more than just traveling to other nations. They bring part of their story “over there” and then will be able to bring home stories that will make our shared world a little brighter. It’s more than educational. They’re not just seeing the places, but knowing the people. That’s People to People.

“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.” How many times have we heard that or said it ourselves? For John, that opportunity has come, and this truly is an opportunity that will last a lifetime!

In order to become a Student Ambassador, John had to submit an application with two letters of recommendation and pass a face to face interview conducted by a panel made up of local teachers and other representatives or friends of the People to People Ambassador Programs. The interview is an important part of the selection process because it helps leaders see if the applicant has the maturity, attitude and enthusiasm to be a Student Ambassador.

John has completed this process and has been accepted. This summer (at his expense) he will be part of the European Odyssey visiting France, Italy and Greece. The cost is several thousand dollars. To raise the funds, John will be collecting old cell phones and aluminum cans for the next three months. Also, for a donation, John is willing to assist with yard work, garage cleaning, gutter cleaning, or other odd jobs. If you would like to support John in this opportunity of a lifetime, you may contact him at 260-478-8138 or by email at plohrjp@gmail.com.

This is our community, face to face, people to people.

You can find out more about People to People at peopletopeople.com.

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