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KUDOS TO LOCAL PARTICIPANTS SUPPORTING FW TRAILSCHEERS to Pizza Hut and Kingston Residence for partnering to raise money for the Fort Wayne Trails ~ Waynedale Initiative. On Tuesday, January 29th the parking lot was full as were the tables inside as people of the Waynedale community turned out in support.

Kingston representative, Camille Garrison said, “Our goal is to achieve a safe pedestrian crossing over the Lower Huntington Bridge onto the St. Mary’s Pathway that runs through Foster Park, under the bridge and into Tillman Park. Since the sidewalks end at Winchester Road, bikers are forced to ride on the road over the bridge and down either Fairfield or Tillman, both of which are very narrow.” Garrison states, “Fort Wayne already has a plan developed to place a ramp there but the cost is over $220,000.”

Kudos to the many businesses and organizations that were represented at the event. Some of them include Fort Wayne Metals, Mount Calvary Church Walking Group, Umber’s Do It Best, St. Therese Church, Doctor Bolinger’s office, Waynedale United Methodist Church, Kingston Residence, Holy Scripture Church, Fort Wayne Trails representatives, Waynedale Baptist Church, Waynedale Community Improvement Team members as well as many friends and family.
The Waynedale News supported the fundraiser by attending, but they also were instrumental in helping to advertise the event through the newspaper, Facebook and waynedale .com.

As a result, over $300 will be added to the Fort Wayne Trails ~ Waynedale Initiative account held at Midwest America Federal Credit Union which is now over $6,100. Kingston Residence will again be donating half of their proceeds from the March 19th Taste of Waynedale. If you would like to make a donation or sign the petition (can be done online at waynedale.com) please contact Camille Garrison at 415-7741.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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