First graders Parker Schimmele and Addeson Steffen put on a big smile as they brought in their cookies to sell at the annual “Cookies for Christ” sale.St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School first graders and their families have been busy baking and selling cookies for the first graders’ annual “Cookies for Christ” sale.

Cookies were bagged separately and sold for 25 cents at both the St. Joseph and St. Elizabeth campuses to students, teachers, staff and families from December 3 to 6. All proceeds from the sale go to the Sunshine Club, which distributes the money to needy families of both the St. Joseph and St. Elizabeth Seton parishes.
Sales in recent years have been in the $700 range. First grade teachers Mrs. Julie Peters and Ms. Kaitlynnn Gallaway are hoping that this year’s sales can reach $800. In preparation for the annual “Cookies for Christ” sale, first graders helped bake cookies at school and also took a field trip to Ellison Bakery to see how cookies are made in a factory.

“Cookies for Christ” was started by former first grade teacher Mrs. Joanne Krudop in 1997, and each year since, the school’s first graders have donated the proceeds of their cookie sale to the parishes’ Sunshine Club.

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