What is more fun and challenging than learning to speak in front of your own club? The answer—being in a speech contest that involves many clubs. Baer Field Toastmasters is proud to announce that our own Steve Walter won the Division B International Speech Contest here in Fort Wayne. Division B is made up of fifteen local clubs. Our Rhonda Maller placed third and our Berniece Wilkins placed second in the Evaluation Contest for Division B.

Steve will now participate in the District contest at our Spring Conference coming up in Indianapolis on April 29-30 where he will compete against winners from seven other divisions. Some of these competitors come from our Kentucky clubs. The district winner will go on to the real International Contest which will host contestants from around the world.

The International Speech Contest involves a 5-7 minute speech on any subject that would be of general interest to a majority of people. Steve spoke on the value of hand-written personal correspondence and how we are losing this means of intimate communication because of texting and e-mail.

The Evaluation Contest involves listening and observing someone giving a speech and then giving a 3-minute evaluation on that speaker’s presentation.
For those of you who think you must be a long-time member to win a contest, Steve Walter has only been a Toastmaster for nine months. It is not the time, it is the effort that one puts into learning and growing.

Toastmasters International also holds a humor Contest. There you hear speeches that can make you laugh until you cry or just bring a small smile to you as you remember a similar incident in your own life. All contests are open to the general public. You can contact any local Toastmasters Club for more information.

Toastmasters is not only speaking, it is also about learning leadership. This can be achieved through planning various activities for the club. At Christmas, we had an auction to raise funds for our club, and in May we are having a car wash to raise funds for our club. Our expenses include membership packets, awards, and various kits for teaching within the club. Last year, we purchased a new flag and had Boy Scout Troop #344 from Waynedale retire our old flag and dedicate our new one.

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