In the art room, Jenna Kawiecki and Natalie Huntine fit right in with the Harlem Renaissance.On May 10, St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School, Brooklyn Avenue, held its annual “Era Day” at the St. Joseph campus. Era Day is when the teachers choose a decade and present “stations” that look closely at various cultural aspects of that decade.

This year’s decade was the 1920s and the 5th through 8th graders visited various stations throughout the day. The stations included baseball history; 1920s history trivia contest; the art, music and literature of the Harlem Renaissance; the game of marbles; silent movies; 1920s dances; Fort Wayne architecture and more.

St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School students and teachers came to school in 1920s period dress, including flapper dresses with strings of pearls and boas, suits and ties, knickerbockers and caps, and baseball uniforms.

Era Day continues to be an annual event, and a fun and educational day for the 5th through 8th graders at the St. Joseph campus.

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