Last month we talked about the “Bucket List” and our hearty congratulations go out to Jonathan Norton, winner of two free tickets to the Taste of Waynedale, for his bucket list entry.

Continuing somewhat along the same line, occasionally we need a bit of help to realize our dreams. There is an organization named “Never Too Late” that does just that. Never Too Late’s primary purpose is to reach out to elderly and terminally ill adults and help make their wishes and dreams come true.
Their secondary purpose is to honor requests from any elder citizen (generally 65 and over), regardless of where they reside, providing they (or one of their family members) are willing to help.

The time is right, with the graying of America, for Never Too Late to have a lasting impact on the lives of our elders. According to the Census Bureau, there are more than 35 million Americans 65 and older. By 2011, there will be an estimated 40 million; and by 2050, almost 82 million.

Kingston HealthCare has been able to partner with Never Too Late on several occasions. At Kingston’s Dupont Assisted Living for Memory Care, a former over the road truck driver who turned 100 took a ride in a prototype semi truck to celebrate. At Kingston Care Center Short Term Rehab and Continuing Care, a 105-year-old resident toured the city of Fort Wayne by helicopter as she has always yearned to. And at Kingston Residence Assisted Living, a 103-year-old resident who is an avid IU fan had the pleasure of meeting Dane Fife when he personally attended her birthday party. Never Too Late and their great network helped make all these wishes come true.

Never Too Late began granting wishes for residents in January of 2000 in Indianapolis and to date have fulfilled over 2,195 wishes. They are staffed by a passionate group of volunteers who donate their time and talents to help make dreams come true. 99% of their contributions are used to fulfill wish requests.
The ultimate goal for Never Too Late is to provide a setting of intergenerational exchange, where eight-year olds and eighty-year olds bring meaning and purpose to one another. Ideally, with time and continued interest, there will be enough Never Too Late volunteers to adopt the residents at every long term care facility in Indiana, so that there is at least one wish a day being granted in every facility statewide.

To request a wish, to make a donation, or for more information on Never Too Late, visit their website at or contact Bob Haverstick @ 317-823-4705.

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