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The following students have dedicated themselves to academic excellence for the past four years and have earned the honor of being named to the “Top Ten” list. Congratulations to each of you for your commitment to learning, and good luck as you move on in your endeavors.

(listed alphabetically)
Sean Driscoll
St. Therese School,
St. Therese Parish
Kourtney Freiburger
St. Aloysius School,
St. Aloysius Parish
Taylor Gillie
St. Joseph-St Elizabeth School,
St. Joseph Parish
Ann Kebede
St. Jude School,
St. Jude Parish
Dustin Luegring
St. Therese School,
St. Therese Parish
Anna McNamara
St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School,
St. Joseph Parish
Natalie Raugh
St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School,
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
Emily Schafer
Crestview Middle School
Elizabeth Swygart
St. Joseph School (Monroeville),
St. Joseph Monroeville
Holley Taylor
St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School,
Most Precious Blood Parish
Bridget Wellman
St. John School (New Haven) St. Charles Borromeo Parish

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