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THE SEASON OF GIFTS IN WAYNEDALE, CHRISTMAS 2010No matter if you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, a believer or non-believer it’s the season for giving. The time of year when folks start focusing on loved ones—and, well, giving. There are many givers in Waynedale, we would like to take this time to highlight just a few.
With the holidays just around the corner many of us are focusing on gifts for friends and family, many others have thoughts of where their next meal is coming from. The economic recession has caused loss of jobs, with homes and families struggling just to put food on the table. And therefore the season for giving is more prevalent than ever at many of the food pantries in the Waynedale area. At Avalon Missionary off Lower Huntington Road anyone in need of food is welcome. Local volunteer at Avalon said, “Daily happiness is not hard to find, it’s what Avalon does for others that brings peace of mind.”
A tradition outside Scott’s Food Store and on the corner of Walgreen’s is the familiar ringing of a bell. Season of giving doesn’t always mean writing a big check. “Your change placed in the red kettle goes along way,” says volunteer Larry Freeman from the Salvation Army. Their goal in Fort Wayne is $300,000, which is used locally to stop families from being evicted from their homes, maintain their heat and /or electric and water service or feed them for a week.
For their second year, Camille from Kingston Residence on Winchester Road and Vicki Anderson from Scott’s Food Store in Waynedale joined their hearts and hands in providing free photos with Santa and a small gift to kids of all ages! Santa said his requests this year included a million dollar lottery ticket, games, X-box, bikes, makeup, baby doll, and, the one that brought tears to his eyes was, “something nice for my mom.”
Giving a gift that was wrapped was seen and heard on Saturday evening at St. Therese Catholic School. Their gift to the Waynedale community was wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.
Spreading good cheer and giving the greatest gift of all, school-aged students told the Christmas story in 5-minute intervals while scores of visitors were ushered into the school’s halls. Angels began the story, Wisemen watched further down the hallway with their live llama and sheep, then a live donkey and a cow surrounded Jesus’ mother, Mary and Joseph while a doll representing the baby Jesus, wrapped in swaddling clothes, layed on a bale of straw for a manger.
Local Girl Scouts from service unit #615 (Waynedale and Foster Park area) enjoyed Christmas cookies and candies along with games, a visit from Santa and gifts.
Some Christmas spirit is brought to you by Peters Body Shop at the corner of Sandpoint and Bluffton Road. Owner, Andy Peters has been decorating his business for all to enjoy for the past six years. The display began with a miniature replica of the famous Fort Wayne Santa and reindeer. It has evolved to include an enormous Christmas tree complete with the lights and recycled CDs serving as ornaments.
Each year the quest begins with finding the perfect tree for the festive display. Word of mouth through family, friends, and business associates always proves to be successful in providing a tree. Local residents Wilburn and Maxine Knipstein donated this year’s tree. Once the tree is located, owner of Selective Lawn Care Service and personal friend, Gerry Albert, assists in cutting down and displaying the tree.
“Providing Christmas spirit in Waynedale at Peters Body Shop is a tradition that is here to stay,” says Andy Peters.
In this holiday giving spotlight, we at The Waynedale News invite you to support our many local businesses by shopping locally and becoming involved by attending the many festive events Waynedale has to offer. As the last issue for this year, we wish you the happiest holidays and a safe new year. We leave you with this thought provoking quote.
“Somebody did a golden deed; Somebody proved a friend in need; Somebody sang a beautiful song; Somebody smiled the whole day long; Somebody thought, ‘Tis sweet to live; Somebody said, I’m glad to give.”


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