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To FWCS Patrons:

Not sure, but it may have been Will Rogers who was quoted many years ago with:

“The state of Missouri has sunk so low that it would take a special dispensation of the Almighty to raise it to a state of depravity.”

Well, FWCS is certainly today not in the same category as it was during the administrations of Supts. Lester Grile and/or Bill Anthis.

If you are dissatisfied with: overcrowded classrooms, bullying, substandard maintenance,
administrative waste, and  recently released  poor educational performance estimates by the state, I suggest that you make your issues known to the FWCS board and administration.

You may place the blame on the current economy, failure of Mitch Daniels policies, the Indiana State Legislature, but ultimately the responsibility rests with the local administration.

Supt. Wendy Robinson is coming up for an evaluation very soon.  Now would be an appropriate time to share your concerns.



Richard Poor

Wolcottville, IN


This is in regard to the implementation of new security measures at U.S. airports. Most people are under the impression that terrorism has been stopped in its tracks. I would like to comment that these procedures do not leave me and other citizens with that warm fuzzy feeling. A lot of effort (time and money) has gone into all this. Certainly a program of this scope will have its negative aspects. I can only stare at this process in disbelief watching people being “patted” down.

Air travel can be stressful to begin with, but it seems both traveler and the hired help are close to critical mass already. This is a constant reminder of the fact there is a group of people bent on mayhem and more. One can say this only effects a small portion of Americans who are willing to deal with this intrusion on their constitutional rights. I say this is playing right into the terrorists hands. Human beings come into close contact with each other everyday, but this is like a sexual encounter with one of the participants partially undressed at times. All this interaction can easily lead to the transfer of various agents that can cause illness. The first thing that comes to my mind are respiratory episodes. The influenza outbreak in WWI killed millions of people around the world. The “bird flu” has been mentioned with the possibility of mutations that can occur. There will be other events in the future. We all have to consider if this close contact will become a mechanism to spread the ultimate pandemic.

Do these screeners change their protective gloves after frisking every passenger? A supposed passenger could be carrying a designer virus to be spread around the world in a matter of hours. The traveler that had tuberculosis created a panic flying overseas. All the other people on his flight had to be tracked down and medically cleared from spreading a possible fatal disease. One sneezing or coughing fit would start a worldwide crisis because of the close proximity of TSA employees to airline customers. One has to wonder if the terrorist community is already working on such a lethal germ. Since 9/11, hundreds of germ factories have begun operation. One disgruntled employee or someone willing to remove designer germs from a lab for pay is all it takes. One has to wonder about security at all the facilities engaged in this industry. One small vial is all that’s required to begin the process of another black plague. I disagree with the implementation of this practice, I hope it becomes part of history.

This policy poses more opportunities for attack. Remember the movie “War of the Worlds”? The technologically superior Martian race succumbed to the littlest things in God’s universe. I do not feel this the right response to the current situation.


Steven Shipley

Fort Wayne, Indiana

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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