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ST. JOSEPH-ST. ELIZABETH SCHOOL HOSTS CULTURAL VOYAGEThe St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth School 5th through 8th grade classes hosted its 3rd annual Cultural Voyage on November 23. Each class chose a country to feature, and families and friends “traveled” to each country in the classrooms with “passports.” The countries featured were the Fiji Islands, Poland, Barbados, Canada, Monaco, Peru, Bosnia and Scotland.
The classrooms featured posters and slideshows with facts about their countries, such as populations and religions practiced in the countries. The classrooms also displayed items made in the countries such as pottery and local costumes. The classroom of Monaco recreated a casino, the classroom of the Fiji Islands recreated a beach, and the classroom of Scotland featured golf and the caber toss.
Also participating this year at Cultural Voyage were representatives from the different countries, such as a Scottish-American bagpipe player, a Polish-American man painting the special Pisanki Easter eggs, and pictured on the left Guy Dupuis, a Canadian hockey player who plays for the Fort Wayne Komets.
Samples of foods and drinks from the eight countries were offered to visitors in the cafeteria.

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