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On Saturday, November 27, two local boy scouts received their Eagle Scout rank. In a double ceremony, the two scouts had an Eagle Scout Court of Honor to honor their achievements in scouting. The reason they had a double ceremony is the fact that they are twins. Rob and John Dukarski were awarded the Eagle Scout rank in a ceremony presided by Bob Rainwaters.
Both scouts joined Troop 344, in Waynedale, when they were in 5th grade. At the time Bob Rainwaters was the scoutmaster for Troop 344. The twins asked Mr. Rainwaters if he would be interested in presiding over their ceremony. Bob told them, “I would be honored to conduct your ceremony.”
Their proud parents are Doni and Andy Dukarski.
Rob Dukarski “Eagled” on April 28th, and waited until his twin brother John “Eagled” on October 20th so that the two could share the ceremony together.
Rob’s Eagle project consisted of leading other scouts from his troop in building benches and a glass encased bulletin board for Calvary United Methodist Youth Sports. The bulletin board and benches are used for T-Ball players and Upward football players, both sponsored by Calvary UM.
John’s project was to lead his troop and friends in building 4 picnic tables and 6 bat racks to be used by Elmhurst Little League in the summer. John and Rob have played baseball at Elmhurst for the last 10 years.
Rob’s project was finished in time for use this past summer and fall for T-Ball and football. John”s project is finished and waiting for baseball season 2011.
The ceremony was held at Calvary United Methodist Church, Rob and John’s home church, where donations were collected to finance their projects.
John and Rob Dukarski are not the only scouts who have reached the rank of Eagle Scout in Troop 344 this year. Nathan Seelye received his Eagle rank at a ceremony held on October 30th.
Troop 344 is celebrating the history of the troop which was founded in 1991. The former scoutmasters are Gordie Mitchell, Bob Rainwaters, and present scoutmaster Andy Dukarski. Eagle Scouts from Troop 344 are Joseph Kiel and Chris LaMaster – 1997, Stephen Felicichia – 2003, Randy Brautzsch – 2004, Joseph Wilder – 2005, Michael Grindle, Zach Firestone, Matthew Long – 2006, and Rob Dukarski, Nathan Seelye, and John Dukarski – 2010.
With Scouting celebrating its 100 years of activity it seemed to be appropriate to honor Troop 344 which is celebrating its 20th year of existence.

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