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St. Aloysius School in Yoder is collecting cellular phones as a fundraiser during the month of November.




“There is nothing for you to buy or sell to participate,” said Principal Tina Voors. “We simply ask that you donate your extra cell phones to our drive. Not only will 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to our school through the program, but your efforts will also benefit the environment by keeping the harmful materials the phones contain out of our landfills.”

The phones will be utilized for 911 purposes in the U.S., redeployed nationwide, and also used in developing countries to improve the quality of life through better communication.

The donations may be tax deductible, and those donating should contact their tax preparers for information and to calculate the value of the donation.

Old cell phones may be dropped off at the school located at 14607 Bluffton Rd., Yoder. There will be a light blue plastic container near the main entrance on the north side of the building. Phones may be placed inside the container, and donors may take a form if needed.





The Waynedale News Staff

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