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30 Waynedale News staff members gathered to discuss the past year and to develop new ideas for the future. This group consisted of writers, newspaper carriers, the editor & publishers.September 2010 marked a substantial month for The Waynedale News. One year has passed since our new ownership took over and many changes have transpired during this time span.  As new owners we decided to celebrate the success of the paper with every individual that makes The Waynedale News the pleasant, enjoyable experience that the community has come to know. On September 15 at 7:00pm The Waynedale News invited those fine people to dine at Azar’s Big Boy, in the heart of Waynedale, to meet and celebrate.

The focus of the occasion was to not only show appreciation to all who contribute but to reflect on the past year’s changes and successes. We feel that one of the most important aspects that we have brought to your publication is the aspiration of Waynedale community. Through the newspaper, we have developed an important community awareness campaign of Waynedale events and happenings, Waynedale history, promotions of the area and improvement of businesses and residents’ well being. With this awareness it is our hope that the community will be more attractive to families seeking to reside and businesses looking to locate or re-locate into Waynedale. This improvement and community education will ultimately shed positive light on the area and will promote positive growth.

Furthermore we highlighted the changes in the physical paper itself. Such as the reorganization of the newspaper’s sections, which includes new authors and columns. The content has a larger focus on local Waynedale events and happenings. Local amateur author submissions are at an all -time high and are now featured predominately throughout the paper.

All of these enhancements have led to a jump in readers and an important 20% growth in distribution over the past year.  The Waynedale News now prints 12,000 copies, which equates to 30,000 readers!

Finally what has us extremely excited is the website which was brought from the ground up in the past year. boasts some amazing statistics. We now have up over 8,000 pages of Waynedale News articles from the past decade. All of our authors now have biographies and links to there respected articles. We also have an e-newsletter that is sent out every other week, that highlights the most current paper’s top headlines. As well as, a Waynedale forum, which current and past residents of Waynedale can post anything their heart desires about Waynedale, whether it be from the past or what’s happening in the community currently. All of these features attract 1,700 visitors every week!

Community support also plays a large role in the newspaper’s success. Your stories, news tips, contributions and advertising keep our community-promoting organization alive. Thank you to all who make The Waynedale News possible.


Your Publishers,


Alex Cornwell &

Michael Alberico

The Waynedale News Staff
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