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Waynedale.comThe internet has provided another outlet for businesses and residents to share information about their community activities. As more users have begun to log-on to the internet looking for information, it was crucial that Waynedale have an online resource for public information and interactivity. Waynedale.com our area resource to a completely free website of which the public can visit for local news, community discussions, a listing of area businesses and more.

It is important for the community to have a place where everyone can share ideas and be heard by other community members. The interactive forum on Waynedale.com is meant to be such a place. The Waynedale Community Forum section of Waynedale.com is an interactive discussion about various topics from around the area. This gives the members of the community an opportunity to read, write and respond to a range of Waynedale topics including, but not limited to: events, news, politics, schools, area improvements, rants & raves, and more. If you don’t see anything you would like to comment on, start your own topic and see what others might have to say about it. The discussion forum brings community ideas together and allows residents to fully express their concerns and joys of the neighborhoods in Waynedale.

Waynedale has a large variety of businesses that have products and services, of which are often times overlooked by the larger stores to the north and to the west. Many Waynedale businesses stay competitive in price and quality to match or even beat their competitors. To help our local businesses avoid being overlooked, a free business section of Waynedale.com has been created. You can search and browse the many categories of this section to see what Waynedale businesses have to offer. Business owners and managers may also list their Waynedale business address, list of services & products, logo and more for free. For businesses, this is another point of exposure that costs nothing out of pocket and might save customers more, while helping local business.

Waynedale.com also has an e-mailed newsletter that anyone can sign up for to learn about local events, news and happenings around your Waynedale community. With enough interest and contributions from the community, the website will grow to provide more information about the area. Future plans for the website include an online store, which will have Waynedale apparel, memorabilia and more; as well as sections that showcase local weather, points of interest and a historical section.

The Waynedale News is the designer and proud sponsor of the free website, Waynedale.com. It is the newspaper’s hope that all in the area, with access to the internet, will utilize the site as a community enhancing resource to get involved. The website is funded by local contributions, advertising and online visitor use. Becoming a member of and discussing topics on the forum, searching the business listings first before heading outside Waynedale for what you might need, and contributing to the website; shows that you care about the community and are for a positive Waynedale change.

Waynedale.com is always looking for web designers to help and other website enhancing ideas, please use the contact page on the website to let us know how you can help.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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