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As you may have seen driving the streets of Waynedale, there are many unoccupied buildings of which are beginning to thin out the number of boutiques and locally owned shops. Simply traveling down Lower Huntington Road reveals more than 5 buildings with “for sale” or “for rent” signage.

Within the past week alone, Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Zheng’s Buffet have both closed for reasons I’m sure are connected to financial hardships. Both were locally owned by Fort Wayne residents who employed and served you, your friends, family or neighbors, and were in business for years at their locations. Just as these businesses have been removed from our great Waynedale atmosphere, others will begin to fade without support.

The one aspect that separates Waynedale from the rest of Fort Wayne is the abundance of local shops, most of which are within walking distance. They provide almost anything you might need; electronics, groceries, restaurants, collectables, home improvement, repair, barbers and more. Waynedale has always been blessed with a hometown atmosphere, speckled with small shops that residents and visitors enjoy. Many owners of Waynedale businesses are avid community members who believe in Waynedale, have been in business for generations and share the same passion about the area as you and I do, which is why they choose to stay here. These businesses bring money into Waynedale by employing local residents, buying goods and services from other local companies and save you the cost of travel to other parts of town. But without support in return from the community, these businesses may cease to exist or move away.

We all need to start thinking “Waynedale First.” Before we head to corporate retail shops in Fort Wayne, consider what may be right down the street in our community. In a price comparison many local shops remain competitive with in those retail malls. There are also many discounts and coupons found in The Waynedale News that can save you even more. Even if we have to spare a few dollars more on a product or service, it is worth it to keep Waynedale businesses alive.

Now is the time to take action! Support your community by regularly visiting those businesses of which you may have otherwise passed by while driving downtown. There is no need to feed billion dollar oil companies and corporate, out of state and/or country franchises with your hard earned dollars.

The Waynedale News’ “Waynedale First” is centered on Waynedale promotion and the enhancement of the quality of life for those who live, work, and play within the community and this is our business model. We converse with business owners, community members & leaders, non-profits and area politicians on a daily basis regarding the current state of Waynedale. Communities like Waynedale, businesses like Waynedale provides, are fading away all over the United States, but you can help, together we can keep Waynedale as vivid as the hay days.

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