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l-r: Alex Cornwell - The Waynedale News; Andy Wilson - The Carriage House; Rachel Tobin-Smith - SCAN; Ken Halloway - American Legion Waynedale Post 241; Michael Alberico - The Waynedale News.The Waynedale News has been committed to giving back to organizations that give so much to the greater Waynedale community. With the granting of $3,000 to local non-profit agencies, on September 20th, The Waynedale News announced its three recipients of this Waynedale enhancing award.

The newspaper gives this award in hopes that these local non-profits will encourage residents to become more involved in multiple aspects of their community. There are residents and organizations within the Waynedale community who are in need of assistance through these helpful agencies. These grants are being awarded to spread the message that there are agencies out there to assist in all aspects of life as well as to encourage other organizations to take action within the area.

The Waynedale News is happy to thank each of the following non-profits for their generous dedication to the greater Waynedale area.

Waynedale American Legion Post #241 has a rich history of helping out in community events and beyond. Their involvement spans from the Waynedale Picnic to the Memorial Day parade, to scholarships for young people. Their service to veterans is something that deserves much recognition. They can be contacted at (260) 747-7851.

SCAN is an organization that has extensive background in aiding not only the Waynedale area but Fort Wayne as well. Their mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect, as well as providing numerous health screenings and helpful connections to local community resources. The services they provide are undoubtedly a great help to the community that should be appreciated. They can be contacted at (260) 421-5000.

The Carriage House has an extensive past, in which they have provided support to the Waynedale and Fort Wayne communities. They have been assisting individuals in their recovery from mental illness and reintegration into the community for years. This process helps those in their programs work in the community independently and with dignity. This is an imperative action that should be commended to the fullest extent. They can be reached at (260) 414-8164.

The Waynedale News has always been dedicated to enhancing all Waynedalers quality of life. They have also been involved in sponsoring hometown events, encouraging local business and promoting action within Waynedale. Their most recent sponsored event, the Waynedale Picnic was a great show of support and volunteer service within the area. As The Waynedale News is a community organization, the newspaper’s priority is to promote and sustain Waynedale.

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