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This issue landmarks our sixth month anniversary since our new ownership of The Waynedale News. We are proud to announce the positive community response has been great and large. We would like to thank all of our readers for their patronage as well as their news tips, articles, donations, and comments that make the newspaper something the community can continue to enjoy into the future. We at the newspaper always encourage any suggestions and those comments have led to many additions planned for our printed paper as well as our electronic, internet-based version accessible at

Possibly our personal favorite improvement is our website. is now fully accessible to all internet users and contains over seven thousand five hundred articles dating back ten years. This accomplishment has taken hundreds of hours in research, development, and implementation to create a site we know you will enjoy. We have great hopes for growth in terms of the site in the future that will not only promote Waynedale but will allow residents to interact virtually and come together to share ideas on how to improve the area. We are now accepting sponsors and advertisers for the website to fund this massive build in hopes to provide a financial basis for growth in time.

Advertising on our website is new, but ads within the paper have always supported the free publication that is hand delivered to your home and area businesses. Advertisers have recently been reporting to us that they have seen the best results from in-paper display and classified advertising that they have in years. We are sure that our recently enlarged 11,000 papers-per-issue distribution area, covering Waynedale homes and businesses 100%, helps out quite a lot. But our thanks go out to our 27,500 readers who support the community of Waynedale and The Waynedale News by shopping, eating, and playing at our advertiser’s locations and using coupons from our ads.

Other recent and planned improvements to the newspaper include a “Worship in Waynedale” section, where religious organizations are featured, includes phone number & location, web address, worship times, and the ability to showcase events they would like to invite the public to come out and join in on; “Waynedale Contests” such as the “Why I love Waynedale Poem Contest” which motivate community members and readers to become involved with the promotion of Waynedale, showcasing the winners in the newspaper and receive prizes to Waynedale locations; “Waynedale Realty Spotlight” (coming soon), features homes and businesses in the area which are for sale or lease that are easy for the reader to find and the sellers to list. We hope this feature will promote residential and business growth within the area.

Here at The Waynedale News, we strive to publish a newspaper that you will enjoy and we encourage any comments, news tips, articles, and donations to help promote the great community that is Waynedale. Please feel free to enter your submissions at or at our main office at 2700 Lower Huntington Road Fort Wayne, IN  46809. Thank you for your support over the last six months.


Best Regards,

Alex Cornwell &

Michael Alberico

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The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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