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Richard A. StevensonSummer is slipping by way too quickly. My grandchildren have gone back to school, the days are getting noticeably shorter and Labor Day, which for many of us signals the unofficial end of summer, is just around the corner.

Also, just around the corner, this weekend in fact, is one of the best community events in our area, the Waynedale Picnic. I have really enjoyed attending the Waynedale Picnic the past few years and am looking forward to another great time this year. Wonderful food, fun games, music, entertainment and best of all, the friendly people of Waynedale—the Waynedale Community Picnic has it all!

I am proud that Wayne Township will have a booth again this year and will send some workers to assist at the picnic. Thank you Beulah Matczak, Cheryl Connett and your crew of volunteers for all your hard work in putting together this fine event.

I recently had a news conference to discuss the very important topic of the drug K2. At the conference, I announced the “No 2 K2” campaign, which encourages boycotting stores that carry the synthetic drug used as a marijuana substitute. I made the announcement along with several other community leaders who back the campaign and boycott.

“No 2 K2” is a community-wide approach to keeping the synthetic drug K2 or “Spice” off the shelves of local stores and out of the hands of the public, especially our youth. K2 produces a high similar to marijuana and can be dangerous to those who smoke it.

I have heard reports of persons becoming sick after smoking this substance. Because it is sold as incense, it is not regulated. Persons smoking it really don’t know exactly what is in that bag and what they are smoking.

As I am writing this, the use and sale of K2 is legal although City Council was considering passing an Ordinance to ban it. A City Ordinance is one step toward controlling the sale of K2, but questions have been raised about the possible difficulty of enforcement. And, a City Ordinance would only ban the sale and use of the drug within the City limits of Fort Wayne.

K2 is being sold locally at many convenience stores and gas stations, sometimes for as much as $30 a bag. My “No 2 K2” campaign urges stores to voluntarily take the substance off the shelves and calls for a boycott of stores that continue to sell the substance.

I am encouraging you to check whether your neighborhood stores carry K2 and to leave the stores without making purchases if they carry it. I have further asked employers to encourage their employees not to shop at stores that sell K2, a challenge that many employers are supporting. As we all know, retailers respond when we choose not to patronize their establishments. A boycott of stores selling the substance would be a very effective way to keep K2 out of our community.

Those backing the “No 2 K2” initiative include City and County Council Representatives, the Mayor’s Office, Fort Wayne Police Chief, State Representatives, Board of Health, Fort Wayne Community Schools and leaders of community organizations and businesses.

If you see K2 for sale, please call me at the Trustee’s Office, 449-7000 with the name of the store or e-mail me through the “Contact Us” link on our website, www.waynetownship.org. As Township Trustee, I want to do everything I can to ensure the citizens of Wayne Township are safe from this dangerous drug.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

Wayne Township Trustee

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Richard A. Stevenson - Wayne Township Trustee

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