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Geoff Paddock, Executive Director of the Headwaters Park Alliance, has been elected to the board of directors of the Indiana High Speed Rail Association, it was announced recently. Dennis Hodges of Merrillville, Vice President of Business Development for the organization, said Paddock will join the board effective immediately. Former Fort Wayne City Councilman Dr. Tom Hayhurst, also serves as a board member of the organization.

Paddock has been a long time advocate of returning passenger rail service to Fort Wayne, which has seen a 20-year absence in service. He has worked to see that Fort Wayne was added as an important link in a proposed high speed rail route between Chicago and Cleveland. He is a founding board member of the Northeast Indiana Passenger Rail Association (NIPRA) and has worked with this organization to form a coalition of support for high speed rail with groups in Warsaw, Elkhart, South Bend, and Gary, as well as groups in Northwestern Ohio.

“Linking Fort Wayne and other Indiana cities and towns on the high speed rail route will create thousands of jobs in Indiana and open up an important leg of transportation in our area. Rail transportation will add millions of dollars in economic activity to our state, help conserve energy, and help revitalize our cities. It is important that Indiana invests in rail development and infrastructure as our neighboring states are doing” Paddock said.

As a new board member of the Indiana High Speed Rail Association, Paddock will be an influential voice to carry this important message of support for passenger rail to Indiana Legislators and Governor Mitch Daniels, said Hodges.

The Indiana High Speed Rail Association is a membership-based organization, based in Highland, Indiana, that advocates for the funding and implementation of the Midwest Regional Rail System (high speed rail) in Indiana and the Midwest.

For more information, please contact Geoff Paddock at 425-5745 (W) or 341-3250 (cell). You may contact Dennis Hodges at 219/793-3370.

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