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I have become a reader of your paper recently. My family has lived here in Waynedale since 1924! I am the third generation to live in the home that sits amongst this peaceful land. My grandparents lived here, birthed six children, raised, & celebrated their lives in this little house on Alma Ave. When they passed my parents moved in 13 years ago until their passing (all of whom are laid to rest at the beautiful historical Prairie Grove).

Now I have moved in and have a completely different appreciation for this home, which I always liked, and of Waynedale, which I always was fond of. Upon moving here I now have a true love and understanding as to why my grandparents and parents loved this place so.

I have seen your paper for awhile but always got it confused with the Senior paper & just to be honest-recycled it- upon moving here I opened it one day and now find myself looking for the next issue!!

I love how you all bring together all those elements & all the variety of folks that live here all together.

I am in my early 30s and I have a few tips that may help bring some business to Waynedale:

~A Farmer’s Market @ the park

~A coffee house

~Local bands to play every once in awhile at the local pubs, with advertising

~Thrift store

~Record shop

My aunts tell me about all the hangouts that were hopping here in the 50s and the record shops they use to go to. Record shopping has come back around now thankfully.

My boyfriend & I LOVE to go for bike rides, I used to live off Broadway before moving here and you could connect to the River Greenway anywhere. Could this be an option for Waynedale? There are ALOT of bicycle riders around here of ALL ages, one thing we love is the streets and bicycle friendly curbs, however there isn’t much to ride to around here. If there could be a bicycle/walking trail that would be GREAT! Plus it would give others whom have never been to Waynedale a stroll through.

Also I look forward to reading Mrs. Wayne-dale’s article, she’s funny, she encourages our seniors to get out and about. She’s awesome!!

In closing I want to just say thank you for taking time to read all this, and I look forward to the next issue.


Sincerely with sunshine,

C. Scott



Dear Newspaper (Waynedale),

Thank you for distributing the news – I don’t know how you function, however, it is a pleasure to see that you do!


J. Hunter


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