Driftwood Lane, the fourth book by Denise Hunter with a Nantucket setting will bring the seashore right into your living room—or bedroom, depending on where you like to read your romance stories. Perhaps it is only improvable by reading it on a Nantucket beach. I could almost smell the beached drifts of seaweed at low tide. Feel the velvety moss edge of weathered gray clapboard. Crave clam chowder.

Driftwood Lane” is available at all bookstores in July 2010, and many online locations. Published by Thomas Nelson, it’s a solid romance story to add to any Christian family or church library. The author, Denise Hunter, is from the Fort Wayne, IN area.

Author Hunter introduces a pair of main characters, or if-you-will, duel protagonist and antagonist. It depends on whom the reader is cheering, guy or gal side as to which is which. The verbal sparing is fun, since it is clean dialogue sport from Christian characters. Pure Christian fiction from beach to bedroom.

Readers quickly get caught desiring to help the expected romance to develop. Of course the outcome can be called a bit predictable—after all—the cover says “heart-warming romance” and “Nantucket love story”. Meridith Ward is already engaged. But the story enchantment is so fun—one must not eat the dessert first—even at a B&B.

Meridith’s estranged father and step-mom have been killed at their Nantucket seaside dwelling, and three children have been passed on to 25-year-old, unmarried, Meridith. The only other living relative is the brother of the deceased mother. He’s always biking to places unknown, and unmentioned in the will. He hears of the deaths, hurries home, and assumes the daughter’s only out for the property, a handyman’s nightmare of a B&B.

Uncle Jay, assumes the name of Jake, and takes on the repairman role without telling Meridith who he is, how he’s related, and even gets the three kids (ages 7, 10, 13) to play along with the deception. So he’s a bit lax on the ‘thou shalt not lie’ commandment. Thus ‘thee’ arrives at page 20 and the fun begins.

Jake must prove her an inept guardian. Meridith must show this arrogant handyman he’s not this world’s gift. They both must also admit to the candy aesthetic physical appeal each is having toward the other. Truly a gender battle. What happens when Meridith realizes she’s odd-man-out, not in on the family secret?

“God will give you courage,” even if your fear is of love. That statement is not the only underlying Christian theme of this romantic drama. It also suggests second chances. And then, overcoming with God’s help. Some good reading with a Christian message. Includes a reading group guide.

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