Dear Mrs. Wayne-Dale,

I save your column ‘til last, because, I want to be sure I face the rest of the day in a happy and hopeful mood.

May I urge you to postpone your retirement (it’s not all it’s cracked up to be) in favor of brightening my and other “oldies” days. The lighter reading, in the newspaper is sometimes hard to find—and we so-o-o need it!

Could you tell your ‘cute’ editors, Alex and Mike,that I like your column so much that I’ll pay for a subscription, if they’ll send me a bill!



Maryln S.



I just wanted to call and tell you I have been reading your paper a lot of years. About “Here And There In Waynedale,” I enjoy this part of your paper and have for many years and I really look forward to it every issue. You tell them (Mr. and Mrs. Waynedale) that they will be sorly missed if they (Mr. and Mrs. Waynedale) retire but I understand because I am up there in years too. I thought I would give you a call and thank you very much for all the years of good entertainment. I wish them and the Waynedale News the best of luck. Please tell them whatever they do it will be the right thing but “Here And There In Waynedale” is very interesting.


R. Peterson



I’m just calling to let you to know, I defiantly want you to keep Mrs Waynedale in your paper. I really look forward to ready her article every time and she does a good job of keeping all of the restaurants in line. She also does good things like getting free coffee for senior citizens…Thanks and keep up the good work, goodbye.


I enjoy you’re your paper very much and have throughout the years. I especially think the best part is “Here And There In Waynedale.” That’s all I wanted to say right now but thank you.


H. Nevel


Dear Editor,

I enjoy Mrs. Wayne-Dale although she could tone down the sexual talk quite a bit. She’s entertaining and different from anything else in any of the Fort Wayne newspapers.


Mr. M. J. Vorndran





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