FarnsworthThe History Center successfully purchased seven pieces from the auction of Farnsworth items Saturday, June 18.

The highlight of the day was the purchase of a large advertising banner, dated 1940 and reading in part “Farnsworth Radio…from the home of television”. The home of television in 1940 was considered to be Fort Wayne.

“This banner is significant because it dates from the first promotional year of the Farnsworth Radio and Television Corporation, a few months after Philo Farnsworth acquired Capehart and moved his operations to Fort Wayne in 1939,” said Todd Maxwell Pelfrey, History Center executive director.

Support to purchase the items was contributed by the Waterfield Foundation.

Other acquisitions include a very early Magnavox television, possibly the first one made by Magnavox in Fort Wayne, circa 1946-1947; a rare radio and phonograph combo unit, as well as three other small radios, all from the 1940s and produced by the Farnsworth Radio and Television Corporation. In addition, funds provided for the purchase of a collection of advertising and product materials from the 1930s to the 1950s, related to Capehart, Farnsworth, and ITT.

“These new pieces could be included in a long planned permanent exhibition gallery refurbishment in the museum, entitled “Made in Allen County,” Pelfrey said.

The new gallery, which is scheduled to be unveiled in spring 2011, will feature innovators, companies, and products that interpret the community’s 20th century spirit of innovation and creativity, a spirit that continues today.

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