Have you ever felt like you can eat above all? Well here at The Waynedale News we have found our true calling and have accepted the challenge of being true coney dog devour-ers. We face our destiny on July 17th at The Stand’s coney dog eating contest! We have already selected five of the greatest eaters that we know to compete and represent The Waynedale News. They have the ability to eat anything, and anything they WILL eat.

The Waynedale News would like to challenge other individuals and businesses to become involved in this community driven event. We encourage all challengers to sign up and see if they have what it takes to be a true great eater.

The battle begins at 4 p.m. All contestants must register with $20 at The Stand at 5200 Bluffton Road by July 7th to compete for this epic event.

The rules are simple. All challengers compete alone and have ten minutes to scarf down as many coney dogs as they can.

The winner of the contest will receive a trophy and a $100 gift card to The Stand. All contestants receive a commemorative contest t-shirt.

Even if you are among those with weaker stomachs, we invite you all to be spectators and witness the shear talent that radiates from us here at The Waynedale News. There will also be live music and activities for the whole family. If you would like more information about the event or think you can keep up with us in the contest, please contact The Stand at (260) 747-7300.

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