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(One of my favorites.)
1 young tender groundhog
(skin, gut, remove underarm fatty tissue, cut in pieces, and soak in salt water overnight)
Lots of garlic powder (to combat the smell of boiling groundhog)
Several changes of water

1 large onion (cut in pieces)
About 6 boiled eggs
About 1 cup of pickle relish
Mayonnaise enough to make mixture spreadable
Parboil groundhog in three different changes of water with garlic powder. On last change of water, boil until meat is tender enough to fall off the bone. Drain the meat and let it cool to the touch. Take meat off the bone and discard the bones. Put the meat, onion pieces, and eggs through a meat grinder. Mix in the relish and mayonnaise – exact amount depending on your personal taste. Refrigerate and let flavors blend. Serve on crackers or on bread as sandwiches or add a little extra mayonnaise and use as a party dip.
(TIP: Use your favorite ham salad recipe and substitute the groundhog meat for the ham.) This recipe is also good when using ground, cooked roast beef, deer, raccoon, squirrel, or rabbit, not ‘possum; maybe skunk.)
NOTE: DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT IS IN THE SPREAD, not until sometime later – like at least a week – prepare for gagging reflexes.

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