de Seat


In the 1960s, Ronald Reagan, who was then a movie star and spokesman for the General Electric Company, made a cameo appearance at the Decatur, Indiana, GE plant. During that visit a brief respite was planned at the home of Roger Schuster, one of the plant’s executives.

The neighborhood ladies, anticipating Reagan’s arrival, asked Roger’s wife, Irene, what she did to spiff her house up for his visit.

“The only thing I did,” he replied, “was to buy a new toilet seat.”

Several years later, when the Schuster’s moved to another city, Irene removed the seat (which Ronnie used), and took it with her. I guess she just didn’t want to part with the memory of de seat! And that’s no crap!


In Plain English

In the United States, a nation made up of people from every country, culture, and religion in the world, the English language is the common thread that holds us together.


Blessed are they who have nothing to say and are wise enough not to say it.

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