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altAlbert loved the reindeer, but Donner was his favorite


“Albert, you get into this house this very minute,” shouted Mamma Elf in her maddest and shrillest voice. “You stop playing with the reindeer and get in here. I need you!” she added.

Albert was the only son of Mamma and Papa Elf. They lived in a big house with Santa and Mrs. Claus in the North Pole. Mama and Papa Elf were in charge of seeing that all the toys were ready for Santa to take on Christmas Eve. They had sent Albert to Elf School where he learned how to make toys. He had classes on doll making and painting, building houses and trains and cars, making candy canes and putting together lots of games for boys and girls.

Albert had a problem. In each of his classes he didn’t do very well. His elf teachers were usually mad at him. He just didn’t do anything right. In the doll making and painting class he put the doll together with the legs where the arms were supposed to be. And paint was slopped all over the doll faces, eyes were cross-eyed, no nose and teeth. In the train, car and house classes he wrecked the wood and did his best to make a mess out of them. And in the candy cane making class, he ruined the colors so that the candy canes came out crooked and were colored purple and green instead of red and white! His parents were so disappointed since they tried to help him be a good elf.

Poor Albert! No one seemed to like him except the reindeer. Even Santa scolded him a time or two. He just couldn’t get anything straight. The only ones who would listen to him were the reindeer. He especially liked Donner.

“What am I to do?” thought Albert.

He decided to run away.

When everyone was fast asleep, Albert put on his warmest clothes and boots and headed down the stairs of the big house very quietly so that Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus wouldn’t hear him.

“They’ll be sorry they made me feel so badly. I’ll show them!”

Out he went into the cold night. It had started to snow and it was so thick you could hardly see in front of you. He sneaked into the stables, hitched up Donner and led him outside. Off they went into the night…to be continued in the next issue of The Waynedale News.


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