What a wonderful job Billie Rykard and other neighborhood representatives did gathering over 1,000 signatures on Petitions to save the Waynedale Post Office on Old Trail Road. My office assisted by having Petitions at our booth at community events.

I also had a news conference at my office to oppose closing the Waynedale Post Office and forwarded the Petitions to Postal Service Officials and Congressman Souder. I certainly hope the Postal Service listens to us and keeps our Post Office open.

I was particularly impressed by the success of the Petition Drive because it was a grass roots effort by residents of Waynedale. Waynedale has such an asset in its community spirit and in the hard working people who live in the Waynedale area.

Waynedale shows its community spirit so well in the strength of its neighborhoods and in the events that take place in Waynedale. I was honored this year to attend the St. Therese Fall Festival, my first year to attend this event.

The festival at St. Therese was a well-organized, well-attended event that was fun for Waynedale residents of all ages. The Waynedale picnic is another event that demonstrates how Waynedale pulls together to have events that can be enjoyed by the entire community.

One of my staff has been keeping me updated on the progress of another asset you have close to your community. That is the new Towpath bicycle and walking trail. The Trail is a joint project of the City and Aboite New Trails and is located in Wayne Township.

Construction of the Towpath Trail is moving very quickly. A trailhead with several parking spaces is located off of Smith Road between Engle and Covington Roads. From there, the trail goes southwest almost to Engle Road near Eagle Marsh.

In the other direction, the Trail goes northeast meandering through farm area, across Junk Ditch to Taylor and Ardmore. One of my staff saw three deer when riding her bicycle along this part of the trail.

The part of the Trail along Taylor Street is almost finished. From there it goes into Rockhill Park and connects with the Rivergreenway to get to Downtown Fort Wayne.

Trails like the Towpath Trail provide safe, recreation for residents and families, which increases the quality of life in our community. They also provide an important transportation route for persons who do not have vehicles. If you have not yet tried the Towpath Trail, my staff member who lives in the Waynedale area highly recommends it.

The date of our annual Health Fair and Veterans’ Stand Down is rapidly approaching, and my staff is working hard getting ready. The Health Fair and Stand Down will be on Friday, October 23.

Our Health Fair and Stand Down provides free medical testing and medical care for uninsured and underinsured members of our community. We also provide coats and winter clothing for participants, as well as a hot lunch. Last year, 600 persons took advantage of this event, which continues to grow every year.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

Wayne Township Trustee

The Waynedale News Staff
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Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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