2010 budget represents continuation of strong fiscal management of city services


With the current economy, many Waynedale businesses and families are finding ways to do more with less. That same principle applies to Fort Wayne City government. In September, I presented City Council with a balanced budget for 2010. At $132.2 million, 2010’s proposed Civil City budget comes in lower than 2009’s $134 million budget. However, despite budgeting nearly $2 million in reduced expenditures, 2010’s fiscal plan contains no cuts in services to citizens.

The 2010 Proposed Civil City Budget is a perfect example of my administration’s commitment to engage, innovate and perform. City department heads and staff were challenged to find innovative ways to keep their budgets at the lower of either 2008 actual expenditures or 2009 budgeted expenses while still performing at the high level citizens expect.

We knew more than a year ago that 2010 would be a tough year financially, but because we looked ahead and engaged City employees at every level of the organization, we’ve come up with a plan that trims spending while ensuring excellent service to citizens.

Employing a mix of sound fiscal strategies including reductions on the expense side, and maximizing grant opportunities on the revenue side, the 2010 budget plan balances overall revenues of $132.2 million with the same amount in expenses.

By division, public safety, which includes the police and fire departments, accounts for 70 percent of the 2010 Civil City Budget. Parks and Recreation makes up 10 percent of the budget followed by administrative at 9 percent, public works at 7 percent and community development with 4 percent.

By expense category, personnel costs make up nearly 80 percent of the Civil City budget. The City’s total employee headcount for 2010 is down slightly from 2009. The reductions are due to natural attrition. City employees, who received no pay increase in 2009, are budgeted to receive a 1.5 percent raise in 2010.

This budget is a testament to the hard work of City Controller Pat Roller, her staff and all City employees. As we continue to work to responsibly manage the City’s resources, we look forward to working with members of city council to finalize our fiscal plan for 2010.

To view a copy of the 2010 Proposed Civil City Budget, visit or go to, click on Finance and Administration on the left column, then click on Controller’s Office and then Proposed Budget 2010.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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