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Dr. Thomas Blake, a local dentist in Waynedale, worried his staff by scheduling a two-hour meeting. With the economy you just never know but much to each employee’s surprise their boss created his own version of Amazing Race, to raise their spirits.


With a staff of 8 they were paired into teams.

First task. With a Frisbee, each team that placed the Frisbee on the marked target received the next clue.

From there, they were in their cars heading to the nearest cemetery looking for the tombstone with the name that represented “white bird of peace.” With cell phone in hand they were to take a picture and return to the office on Fairoak for the next clue.

This time, they were off to get a McDonald’s French fry, place it in a Star Financial Bank envelope in a Do-It-Best Umber’s bag then meet Dr. Blake at Spyro’s Pancake House for another clue.

Almost pushing over a few nice people to get to their clue at Spyro’s (please accept our apologies) there the boss was with the next clue. That clue told each staff member of the team to eat as fast as they can a very large pancake. “I know he was impressed with his staff at this point. We were not shy to scarf down that enormous pancake,” said Cindy.

Next they were given $5 to go to Hill’s Meat Market where they had to purchase exactly five dollars of snacks for the office and get a receipt. Once they had the receipt they could get the next clue from owner Julie Hill. With our crackers and cookies in hand, (didn’t think the sale of limes would do) they were off again.

With their receipts of McDonald’s, Hill’s Meat Market and a snack they were to head to the local pizza place where Dr. Blake would then be at the final destination.

Pizza Hut here we come. Driving kind of fast for a Tuesday in Waynedale, the three cars raced to the restaurant.

Minutes of each other, the teams checked in, soaked from the rain, a slight ding in one of the cars, one sore tailbone, another car low on gas, but all with smiles.

“The winning girls received a gift certificate BUT we all really won.”

Our staff meeting was nothing to be worried about, in fact, Dr. Blake bought all of his team’s lunch even after the GREAT AMAZING RACE.

Thank you to all the local businesses that allowed us to race into their business and THANK YOU DR. BLAKE from “Your Team” for the Amazing Race!

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