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Michael Alberico (left) and Alex Cornwell (right) new publishers of your hometown paper, The Waynedale News.
Michael Alberico (left) and Alex Cornwell (right) new publishers of your hometown paper, The Waynedale News.

“We would like to announce ourselves as the new owners of The Waynedale News, Alex Cornwell and Michael Alberico. We are two young entrepreneurs who are actively in pursuit of enhancing Waynedale and its surrounding areas.”

Alex Cornwell, who has worked for the area newspaper for over four years, also owns a Waynedale-based web design firm, ACORN Design LLC and serves on the board of directors for The Brenda Hanchar Foundation. Cornwell met his business partner, Michael Alberico while attending the University of St. Francis. Michael, a graduate of Bishop Luers High School, has worked on numerous community service projects and received awards, such as the United States Presidential Service Award for his endeavors.

“As members of the community, we pursued this opportunity in an attempt to give back with our new innovative ideas, yet preserving the prideful, friendly and rich history here in Waynedale. Our foremost objective is to promote business and residential growth in the Waynedale area through the means of the newspaper,” reported Cornwell.

“It is our promise that the newspaper will work with area businesses, neighborhood associations and individuals to fight for enhancements in Waynedale where community members see fit.The Waynedale News’ reach stretches far beyond Waynedale limits and continues to grow. With your support, Waynedale can become everything you have ever wanted in a community and more.”

Information that has a focus on Waynedale is given the highest priority according to the venturesome entrepreneurs. Their efforts include the continuation of reporting on local news and events while allowing all community members to contribute articles, story ideas and suggestions. “Waynedale Pride” will extend into the promotion and organization of Waynedale events such as the Waynedale Memorial Day Parade and the Waynedale Picnic binding the community together and bringing attention to Waynedale for its great characteristics. This promotion ultimately gives local businesses and organizations exposure and representation to the general public.

“We want to bring the community closer together,” Alberico said. “There is a lot of historic tradition with this paper, so we are not going to make any drastic changes; retaining that “small hometown” flare, the same content readers are used to, with just a little reorganizing.”

The success of The Waynedale News is a direct result of community support and is a testament to why the newspaper is one of the oldest in Allen County.

“We would like to extend our thanks for your support of The Waynedale News for the past 78 years, and would also like to ask for your continued support in the future,” the savvy publishers commented. “It is our utmost objective that with minor additions to help the newspaper move forward, we feel this hometown paper should and will become a more intricate part of the Waynedale community that you can continue to enjoy.” In addition, their new management has enhanced client support, advertisement handling, story collection and distribution.

Since September 2, 1932, The Waynedale News has been a contributing part of Waynedale. On September 2, 2009 the newspaper turned 78 years old and what better time than now than to change hands.


1932 – On September 2nd in a garage on Old Trail Road the first Waynedale newspaper evolved. It was called The Waynedale Press. Editor and Publisher was Arden McCoy.

After a year or so the paper grew and they moved to an interurban car that was located where Umber’s Do-It-Best Hardware Store stands today.

1945 – Richard Kahlenbeck became Editor/Publisher for just a short time. He called the paper the Waynedale Herald.

1957 – Name of the paper changed to what a lot of people still refer to it as…The Waynedaler. It had a circulation of 3,000. Mr Ransdell was the publisher (also publisher of Roanoke Review and Time Corners Suburbian).

1962 – Jim Noble became Advertising Manager. The office was established here at 2700 Lower Huntington Road.

1967 – On August 10, 1967 Mr. Jim Noble published his first paper known as the Waynedale News. The subscriptions sold for $8.50/year. The circulation was 3,000.

1986 – Jim Imel purchased the paper from Noble in March. He had several editors including his grandson, Dave Perkins and Gerry Wailicki.

2000 – January 1st Bob Stark became Publisher and Editor.

2009 – September 3rd Alex Cornwell and Michael Alberico become co-owners and publishers.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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