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August 31, 2009


Congratulations to Alex Cornwell and Michael Alberico on beginning their stewardship of an important community institution. The Waynedale News helps knit the people of Waynedale together and promotes a proud identity for the residents and businesses that call Waynedale home.

Bob Stark has given his time and devotion to ensuring that the newspaper continued to serve in telling people about current events, promoting the events that are the fabric of Waynedale, and in relating the history of this unique place. Bob Stark is deserving of thanks and appreciation of Fort Wayne.

This past weekend’s Waynedale picnic saw a record crowd. Thanks to Beulah Matczak and all the volunteers who worked so hard.

As the 4th District Councilman, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet many area residents and listen to their concerns. I provided a questionnaire to those who stopped by our table at the park which asked residents to check and rank issues affecting Waynedale. Many residents took the time to fill out the questionnaire at the picnic. However, I would also like to hear from residents who were not able to attend the picnic.

The questionnaire has been printed in this edition of The Waynedale News so that you may also give me your thoughts. While there are 11 issues listed, there is a place for you to list other topics which may not be listed. You may return the questionnaires to The Waynedale News office or by mailing to me at: Mitch Harper, 5207 Hopkinton Drive, Fort Wayne IN 46814.

I’ll share the results in a subsequent issue of The Waynedale News. You are always invited to share your thoughts on other issues facing Fort Wayne city government. You can do that in any one of several ways. You may write me at my home address or call me at 260-436-4824. My cell phone number is 348-5343; you may either call or send me a text message at that number.

Those are also a couple of options if you are using the Internet. One is to use my email at MitchVHarper@gmail.com. I’m even on Facebook and you can send me a Facebook message on that social networking site.

The issues that I deal with on City Council for Waynedale range from flooding issues, bridge repair, street and sidewalk replacement and my commitment to keep a tighter rein on city finances.

Yet, there are also issues that are as individual as a single family. As an example, I was glad to help move up consideration of a zoning change for a Waynedale couple so that it got voted on by City Council several weeks earlier than if I hadn’t intervened. The couple’s lender required that the home in which they reside be rezoned from commercial to residential use.

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