Distant Visions

A continuation of Pemberly Farnsworth’s story: Phil’s (Philo T. Farnsworth), urgent knocking at my door awakened me at dawn. He wanted me to see something and said I would need a coat and boots because three or four inches of snow had fallen during the night. I dressed in a hurry, wondering what on earth he had to show me at this hour of the morning. He took me up the Avenues to a trail leading uphill behind the magnificent dome of the State Capitol. Leading the way, Phil left a shower of snow behind; flicking the branches whose heavy snow load had bent them into the path. Relieved of their burden, they swung to their former position, leaving the way clear for me to follow. Puffing along behind in my efforts to keep up with him, I tried to imagine what his surprise was this time. He was always springing surprises on me. He only said, “Wait and see.”

As we climbed higher and higher up the path, I called through gasps for breath, “How much farther, Phil? I’m pooped!” 

“We’re almost there, honey. Here grab my hand.”

Very soon we came to a cleared viewing area. Phil stopped and turned me around to face the valley below. The sun was just casting a crimson glow on the top of the Oquirrh Mountains across the valley to the west. The view was breathtaking!

The shadow of the taller peaks of the Wasatch mountain range towering over Provo to the east stretched across the floor of the valley, giving a bluish cast to the newly fallen snow. Gradually these shadows shortened until the sun rose higher and bathed the city in dazzling white. The nearby bushes were adorned with a myriad of sparkling jewels. We stood arm in arm, enthralled with this magic moment. Phil told me that he had stood there may times seeking solace…or inspiration.

I was struck by the complete silence. We seemed to be caught in a magic moment of time: not even the chirp of a bird broke the stillness of the early morning air. The only movement was of spasmodic clouds of warm breath issuing from our lungs into the crispy cold, clear air, as they labored to replace the oxygen used by our climb. My heart was pumping so hard I thought surely Phil would hear it, but he made no indication. He slipped his arm around me and hugged me close to him. We stood for some time, mesmerized by the splendor spread before us. Then Phil broke the spell. “Pem, sweetheart, I have something for you. I wanted to give it to you on your birthday, because if anything ever happens between us, I never want it back.” He took a small blue plush box from his pocket and lifted the hinged lid. I could hardly believe my eyes! There was a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. On each side of the diamond was a pear shaped sapphire. I was speechless! With an effort I pulled myself together to hear what he was saying.

“…of course we can’t be married right away, because I still have to get more education and get some money together.”

 “But Phil, you can’t do this, I won’t let you…you can’t afford it…there’s still plenty of time.”

“It’s all right, honey; trust me. I didn’t want to give you a ring we’d both be ashamed of when we’re rich, and we will be! I love you so much, honey, and this is my notice to all the young men you meet that you are spoken for.” 

He silenced any further protests with a kiss and held me in a tight embrace. Suddenly everything fell into place, as though we had been here at some other time. Continued.

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