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Saturday, June 6, Mayor Tom Henry and Parks and Recreation Director Al Moll announced that the Rivergreenway has been officially designated a National Recreation Trail by the National Parks Service.

For achieving this honor, the Greenway will receive a certificate of designation, a letter of congratulations from Secretary Ken Salazar, and NRT trail markers. The Rivergreenway trail joins a network of more than 1,050 previously designated trails that total more than 12,500 miles across the United States.

“The Rivergreenway is a gem within our communities that warrants this recognition on a national level. We should be very proud of our trail network!” said Mayor Henry. “Not only is it being recognized on a national level through this honorable designation as a National Recreation Trail, but our trails and trail groups are also a main focus in our pursuit of reclaiming the All American City title this year.”

The Rivergreenway is designed for the enjoyment of all residents and visitors, offering the city numerous benefits. The trails provide a beautiful and historical experience, help with flood mitigation, link neighborhoods to points of destination, such as parks, schools and downtown, add to property values, and support economic development.

“In these tough economic times, we’re trying to provide as many free and low cost forms of recreation possible. Everyone can enjoy the Rivergreenway, no matter what their budget is,” said Moll. And since Saturday was National Trails Day, Moll encourage everyone to go along with the theme of Take in the Outdoors and explore our great trail network!

During the month of May, the Fort Wayne Convention & Visitor’s Bureau received more requests for information about the Rivergreenway than any other area attraction

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