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Blake MacIntosh, Dan Stark, Brett Dailey, Ben Stark
Blake MacIntosh, Dan Stark, Brett Dailey, Ben Stark

They left for Cabo on Monday, June 1st. Their plane flew out of Indy, with a layover in Chicago and then on to one of the best party hotspots in the country. Ben and Dan Stark, Brett Dailey and Blake McIntosh landed in Cabo, San Luca on Monday evening. They stopped at Sam’s Club for cold meat, bread and beverages and then on to their resort at Pueblo Bunito.

The resort area is comprised of thirty buildings with two large swimming pools located with poolside restaurants and bars on both upper and lower levels. Tuesday was dedicated to lying around the pool relaxing and by Wednesday they were ready for some adventure.

Canvassing the pool areas were sales personnel advertising various day trips; bungee jumping, snorkeling, surfing, bull fighting, zip lines, parasailing, ATV’s and fishing. The group decided on fishing as the Bull fighting competition was filled. The pool hustler hooked them up via cell phone to a charter captain and they agreed on a day trip, hunting marlin.

The next morning they set sail on the Marlin Hunter led by the captain and first mate.

The Pacific Ocean shoreline falls off quickly so it was a short boat ride to deep water.

If you have never heard of Cabo, San Luca, or simply Cabo, as it is often known, it is at the very southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. The water from town is always south. The resident population is only 40,000, so the city is not very large.

After the short boat ride they began trolling with artificial squid. They were in moderate seas with three to four foot swells when they started seeing fish. First they would see the marlin tailfin as it tracked one of the artificial baits and they would toss in a line with a real squid.

Dan had one hooked, but the marlin cut the line with his sword.

They hooked another and Ben strapped himself into the seat and the fight was on. The striped marlin ran out 700 yards and the captain was forced to chase the fish to keep Ben from running out of line. It was a continuous fight of pull back, crank forward, pull…crank, pull…crank. The fight went on for over an hour. Ben would get the fish close and then the fish would make another 200-yard run causing Ben to lose most of the ground he had gained.

Finally he pulled the exhausted fish in close. The first mate grabbed the marlin by the sword and the captain grabbed him by the tail landing him on the back of the boat

Ben had intended to release the fish but the landing had proved too difficult for survival.

On the way back to the marina the Marlin Hunter blew an oil line. The captain and first mate tried to McIver it back together but when they fired her up the patch blew. They had been bobbing in the rolling seas and were all becoming a bit queasy so the captain radioed in for a tow.

Back at the marina, the marlin weighed in at 140 pounds. They took pictures and then donated the meat to a local orphanage.

The downtown area of Cabo is split into two sections, one of these, the block adjacent to the marina, is considered the marina district, while the rest is considered downtown. These separate areas within the town center have different characteristics and attractions. The marina leaves no doubt that this is, and always has been, a fishing village. The downtown area represents an unrivaled tourist center.

It is chock-full of wild bar scenes and restaurants with pizzazz and a great partying atmosphere. Dan recommends the Hotel California and Ben liked Sammy Haggar’s Cabo-Wabo Cantina. Blake and Brett seemed to have a knack for finding the best clubs for entertainment.

The shops downtown were upscale, with galleries and silver studios like Magic of the Moon and Taxco Silver and the clubs kept rockin ‘til 4:00 am.

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