Waynedale Masonic Lodge #739 is participating in a statewide “Child Identification Program.” In the past, many parents have hesitated, or refused, to participate in this program because of unfounded fear. The program got off to a shaky start, in part, because the acronym (IN CHIP) was used to name the program. It is common knowledge that Pet Vets insert micro-chips into animals to identify them if they are lost or stolen. And, not to mention, other morbid fears connected with Revelations and the mythological mark of the beast.


The Child Identification Program has nothing to do with inserting micro-chips into children, or any other sort of secret motive and there exists “no” government intervention, funding, or infringement of personal freedom. This is a powerful tool designed to provide fast, accurate and critical information to appropriate authorities and other organizations such as Amber Alert who are dedicated to finding and identifying missing children. Time is critical and every minute counts in missing child incidents, especially, in abduction cases.

Parents and guardians are the sole collectors and keepers of all samples. A signed consent form is the only thing kept on record by the statewide program. The volunteers administering this program weigh the child, see how tall they are and assist in obtaining fingerprints. The parents, or guardians, are given 3 plastic baggies used for collecting hair and finger, or toe nail clipping and a “Q” Tip that’s used for an oral (mouth) swab. All of these samples contain DNA and they’re usually stored (refrigerated), by the child’s parents or guardians. A video record is also made while asking the child a few simple questions, such as: who are your best friends, where would you go if you were scared, etc. The video record shows the child’s physical characteristics and mannerisms (outgoing, introverted, etc), so when a child is missing, and every minute counts, the parents or guardians can immediately supply their DNA packet and video record to proper authorities.


“Free” Child Identification Kits will be provided to parents and guardians during “Waynedale in the Park” at the Waynedale Park on Elzy Street between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM on August 29, 2009. Please do not allow paranoia, half truths, and skepticism, prevent you from participating in this vital program; your child’s life might some day depend on this Test Kit information.


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