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One day Julie and Brad were at home and grounded. Well, literally they weren’t grounded, but it seemed like that because they had to stay home and load up the moving trucks. Their parents had only told them a week before that they were moving, and never where they were going. So, when they talked about the move, they addressed it as, “moving to Mars.”

At the end of the day, Julie and Brad could go out and play. They played kickball in Greg’s yard. They had as much fun as possible and then went home. “DING, DING, DING, DING!” rang the alarm clock.

Then Mom called, “It’s your last full day!”

Tears filled their eyes. They didn’t want to move! But I guess they had to. The day at school went by long and slow, with nothing to do. Recess at school was fun, but Brad got hurt. Not serious…but he was bleeding.

Everyone talked to them, and they all said goodbye as they got back on the bus. Their best friends, Mark and Lilly both called, “We’ll miss you! Have fun in M-M-M-M-M-ars!”

Tears were in everyone’s eyes. In the truck on the way to Mars, not a word was spoken. Only tears kept falling. When they passed the sign that said, Now Entering, Michigan,they knew they would just have to make it through the best they could. Only 45 minutes away from home, and they could call, always visit and, in Michigan, there’s always snow!

Within two days Julie made four friends, and within a week, Brad made four, too. Michigan wasn’t so bad, and all in Indiana was fine too. They discovered that change was just part of life and they would have to get used to it, because people get hit with changes all their lives.

Julie and Brad realized that they didn’t get to vote, and that the adults decided everything. But one day they would be adults, and could move wherever they wanted, which would be back to Indiana.

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