Dinner, candy, and of course, flowers…These are the usual gifts purchased for Mom on Mother’s Day. But may I suggest just a few items you may not have thought of? Moms really like to simply spend some one-on-one time with their children and that is why so often during the Mother’s Day weekend we see a lot of “kids”, many of them in their 40’s and 50’s, bringing Mom out for a day at the local nursery. We florist and greenhouse operations, after all, do gear ourselves up just for that special day. Even if the weather happens to be cold, we are still ready to please your Mom.
Hibiscus trees, mandevillas, gardenia plants and many other patio plants are in bloom as well as hanging baskets, combination pots and lantana trees. Many flowering perennial trees and bushes such as lilacs and hibiscus, weeping cherries and the ever popular Bradford Pear, which is in full bloom late April and early May are always favorites that come back year after year.

This year homegrown gardens are making a big comeback with the economy in the shape that it is, so maybe Mom needs a hand in growing a few tomatoes and peppers. Planted in the ground, these two plants are a no-brainer…in a large pot or container they may take just a little more care watering and fertilizing. What varieties to plant really are not important, as I have never met a “home-grown” tomato I didn’t like.

Cut-flower arrangements of beautiful, assorted colorful spring flowers have always been a big hit and can be gotten with a simple phone call to your favorite florist. Maybe Mom is still a little “old-fashioned” and would prefer a corsage to wear to dinner with the family.


In any case, do remember Mom on Mother’s Day with whatever gift you decide to give.

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