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The Academic Super Bowl teams ended their regular season on Tuesday, April 21st at the Area Meet held at Paul Harding High School. The English team placed third while the Social Studies team earned a second place finish. The Math, Science, Fine Arts and Interdisciplinary teams earned a 1st place finish!

Area Meets like the one at Paul Harding High School are held in multiple locations throughout the state. Although the Area Meet is the qualifying event for state, only the top six teams in the entire state advance to the state competition.

The Math team’s score earned them the right to go to state. Science and Interdisciplinary teams were very close (1 or 2 questions away) to advancing to state also. The Math team advanced to the state finals on May 9th at Purdue University and earned 3rd place. This is the second math team in Luers’ 5 years in the program to advance to state. Those on the math team include: Talitha Frecker, Henry Wu, Sean Driscoll, Lauren Hellinger and Michael Welling. The team is coached by Ellen Douglas, math teacher at Bishop Luers.

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