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I got a letter from an 86-year old man who used to reside in Waynedale. He was writing to tell me that he was familiar with many of the things I wrote about when I described my mother’s childhood. He remembers his mother plucking the feathers of a fresh-killed chicken, and pumping the wringer washing machine on Monday mornings before going to school. He is the only one left for his grandchildren to learn from. He has dreams of publishing these memories so they won’t be lost. He lives alone, now, in Florida, and still has ties in Waynedale.

Not only did I find his letter of much interest, I got to thinking how many people, as they are entering their twilight years, would love to tell a story or two of their lives, whether funny, tragic, informative, or words of wisdom to pass on. So, I decided that I would write back to Mr. M. and asked him to send me his memories, and I would include them in my column. I know how it is to think that you may someday write a book, and the only thing that happens is that you grow older with your memories, and take them to the grave with you. So, as I get stories from Mr. M., I will publish them in this column. Then I got the idea that there are many of you out there, who would like to tell a story or relate a happening, an enlightment, or a lesson you have learned that you would like to pass along. If you will pass those along to the Waynedale News, they will be passed along to me, and I will include them in my column. There is such a wealth of knowledge out there, and so many interesting and informed people who just never “get it on paper.” Well, here is your chance. Had I not had the opportunity to write the Mae Julian column much of my life would be lost forever, never having been told. But now, even my great-great grandchildren, if they are interested, can read the stories I have written of my life. So, the book I always intended to write is being done, only in a different form…my column.

I am extremely grateful to our editor, Bob Stark for giving my granddaughter the opportunity to have her own column also. Lauren will have a journal beginning at 10 years old. Bob will keep all her columns on a disc too, and what a gift it will be to her future family. I wish I had even one letter written by my grandmother. I wish I had one hat that she made. Everything gets lost to time.

So, if you are one of those people who has a story to tell, please take the opportunity to use my column. If you want your real name used, I will do that. If you wish to remain anonymous, that’s how it will be done.

There has to be so many thoughts, theories, lessons, and experiences to share. After you read this column, sit down for a minute and think of something you would like to share. In the meantime, I will be awaiting Mr. M.’s first letter to publish.

Hope you all take pen in hand and go with it. You can also use the email of the Waynedale News if you wish. Looking forward to hearing from you,


Many good memories,

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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