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Elmhurst High School proudly presents the musical, Little Mary Sunshine, on Friday, April 17, and Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 7:30 PM.  Little Mary Sunshine is the owner of a vacation spot called The Colorado Inn.  On this particular day the guests include young ladies from the Eastchester Finishing School and the young men from the United States Forest Rangers.  It’s a boys meet girls show and “they all live happily every after” type plot.  But there is some interference in that Little Mary is short on cash to pay the mortgage on the Inn.  In addition Indian Chief Brown Bear thinks the land should be his.  It was the Chief and his son Yellow Feather that saved Little Mary’s life when she was lost in the woods picking berries.   Yellow Feather is known as a notorious jail breaker who wants Little Mary to be his but she has her cap set for Captain “Big Jim” from the Forest Rangers.  The rangers are sent off on a secret mission to find Yellow Feather and that leaves the young ladies alone at the Inn.  It is the perfect time for General Fairfax to arrive from Washington DC to bring the decision about the land and to charm the young ladies with his gifts of jewelry with the hope of finding a little love life for himself.  The girls turn him down but no matter as he finds his match with a German opera singer who has come to the mountains for the clean air.  The musical tunes are so clever that the audience will be humming them as they exit the theatre. The show played 1,143 times in New York. Tickets are available at the door, students $5, adults $7.

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