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Today, The Waynedale Green Alliance, in partnership with the Southwest Conservation Club and Community Harvest are announcing a series of planning sessions for the first annual Green FEST that will take place at the Southwest Conservation Club, located at 5703 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46809.

The Planning Sessions will be held on March 7, 21, and April 4 at the Waynedale Library at 2200 Lower Huntington Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They will begin at 10:am.

The Green FEST will be held in celebration of Earth Day on April 25 beginning at noon. There will be guest speakers from the area discussing alternative transportation, recycling, sustainable water, local food movements, historical preservation, and natural habitat recreation.

Food, music, and games will be presented throughout the day and the opportunity to donate a canned good will be offered by Community Harvest.

Green businesses and services will be on-site to inform the public about new and innovative strides in the environmental and energy arena.

Most exciting of all, though, will be the fun and excitement brought to the Waynedale community from a host of vendors, performers, and those who have made Waynedale their place to live, work, and play for decades.

We encourage community members to bring their passion, energy, and sense of community to our planning sessions and become a part of this exhilarating day.



April D. Langschied or Christopher F. Langschied


Waynedale Green Alliance






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