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Deer Park Pub’s festivities began early with the tapping of the green keg at 8pm on Monday the 16th, St. Patrick’s Day Eve. On Tuesday morning, March 17th, the official St. Patrick’s Day- began when owner Tony Henry featured an 8am breakfast of Irish coffee and Giant Green Glazed donuts from Richards Bakery. Corned beef and cabbage, and soda bread was served all day at a cost of $7.95. Dana O’Doul played her dulcimer beginning at 4:45pm.

At 5:15pm on St. Patrick’s Day behind the Deer Park Pub across from the campus of the University of St. Francis, sprinters headed south to Lansing Street and then west to Leesburg Road, then sprinted for the finish at Leesburg and Spring Streets to complete the Shamrock Sprint of 2009. The Shamrock Sprint, according to runner’s blogger and Race Director Mitch Harper, is more or less 600 yards. Irishman Tony Henry is the proprietor of the Deer Park Pub and has enshrined the winner’s name on a plaque that is permanently affixed to the storied walls of the popular Fort Wayne pub.

Then of course, came the World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade. What a beautiful day for a celebration.

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