One day Mary walked into school. Her teacher smiled and told her to look for her paper on soldiers. She found it right away and started to work on it. Mary raised her hand, “Mr. Malloy, could you please tell me how to spell probably? I can’t seem to spell it.”

“Mary, look it up in the dictionary,” Mr. M said, responding. “Oh, no,” she thought. It was always so hard to find things in the dictionary! There were hundreds of words! Walking over to the bookshelf she noticed Sharon asking how to spell receive, and he told her, “Oh, well that is spelled R-E-C-E-I-V-E.” “Thanks, Mr. M!” Sharon said.

Mary paused and thought, “Why won’t he tell me how to spell probably? He told her how to spell receive! Mary was very upset. Mr. M had been treating her unfairly.

During Social Studies Class, there had been a weekly assessment. Mr. M gave everybody one sheet. Mary looked at her sheet and noticed this would be hard. She couldn’t remember a lot, but she tried. On the multiple choice there were many choices that seemed correct! She didn’t know what to put, so she put down what seemed to be correct.

When she was finished, he picked it up and said, “THIS ISN’T NEARLY CORRECT.” He started to put an “X” on all the questions and looked at Mary and frowned. “Mary, you didn’t study. You did terrible! Are you happy with a “D?” he said, very loud so the class could hear.

She just frowned. She didn’t want to be kicked off the cheer team for such grades. Things like this continued, but only to Mary. Others got worse grades than she did, and he kept them secret. A few weeks later he was checking her paper and said, “Mary, this is pathetic…you do not know this at all.” He said this loudly, too.

Mary told her mom of these things. Mother said it was very rude of him to be shouting out her grades, and calling her such words as pathetic. So mother did something about this. Mother went straight to the school. She talked to the principal first, and then they walked in the front of the class, and confronted Mr. M, himself.

From that day on, no one heard of Mary’s grades, and he never called her such words again. Matter of fact, that next year, Mr. M didn’t even work at that school anymore.

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