I was reading the article entitled “Local GOP Gearing Up for Election Day 2008” on the front page of the October 20th Columbia City Post & Mail newspaper last evening. Republican State Rep. Matt Bell was quoted as saying he’s confident that he and his fellow Republicans will take home victories Nov. 4 because he thinks prosperity lies with the individual person and not the government. This concerns me because Matt Bell does not seem to want to take responsibility for anything the State government has done during his tenure in Indianapolis.

He voted yes on leasing the toll road for 75 years, and he voted yes to the property tax relief (which was merely shuffling taxes) which in turn raised our sales tax. We all know that true property tax reduction will only come with the reduction of government spending.

During the 2009 legislative session there is a plan to restructure local government in Indiana. The ambitious proposals of the Kernan-Shepard Commission on Local Government Reform recommends eliminating township government entirely, changing most county-level elected offices to appointed positions, replacing the three county commissioners with a single, elected executive, consolidating school districts with enrollments of 2,000 or less, and directing all police and fire services at the county level.

We must realize today that when Matt Bell votes and circumvents the will of the majority of his people, we lose some of our freedom and democracy.

I know very well that Steven Heaston, who is running for State Rep. for District 83, against Matt Bell, would never vote to take voting rights away from people, or vote to lease the toll road for 75 years and would never have given a yes vote to raise the state sales tax. There are other innovative ways to work to stabilize, and eventually reduce, our property taxes. There are four means to beginning this process; wisdom, common sense, good judgment and patience.

No one knows Steven Heaston better than me and I assure you he would be an excellent choice over the man who already said he would be victorious.


Cathy Heaston


26 year employee of Girl Scouts of the USA

The Waynedale News Staff

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