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One day, Colby and her younger sister Shelly, were in their room arguing.

“But Shelly, I am 14, you’re only 9. I’m old enough to see the movie,” said Colby, “You aren’t.” Colby and her friends were going to see a scary movie for Halloween, but Colby’s younger sister, Shelly, wanted to come along.

“Mom is going to tell you that you’re too young! It’s not to be watched by people your age,” said Colby.

So Shelly stormed out of the room crying to her mother, “Mama, why can’t I see the movie too? I have the money!” Shelly kept crying. Her mother told her she was too young. But then Colby came out complaining, saying, “Well Mom, it’s not my fault. I was just saying she can’t come.” But then their mother got very angry because she had already defended Colby and now Colby was accusing her mother of being mean.

“All of you just stop! Colby, don’t get started, and you, Shelly…you’re too young.” Their mother had raised her voice yet Shelly cried and Colby still complained.

Colby was being mean to Shelly in their room, saying, “It’s all your fault Mom is mad. Now I am in trouble because of you!” but then Shelly stormed out of the room again and told their mom. Her mother didn’t say anything, but called Colby out into the room. “Girls, she said calmly, please do not fight. It is Halloween, and you’d best be good. If you argue again, I WILL punish you both.”

So, the girls walked back into their room and sat down. Colby got onto the computer and started to talk to her friend, Ashley, on e-mail. Shelly just watched Colby type and laugh as she read. But when Colby stepped out of the room, Shelly looked and saw the words that they had been typing.

First, Ashley said, “Hey.” But then Colby said, “We’re still going to the movies, right?”

Ashley responded with a “yes.” Then she read on, and they were talking about Shelly, herself. They were saying that Shelly was dumb and she tried to come and more things were said. Shelly shed a tear but then she heard the toilet flush, so she copied it onto the word processor. The smart thing was that she hit the minus button so Colby wouldn’t know.

Shelly sat back down on the bed and Colby came back in and just looked at Shelly meanly. Shelly smiled and Colby got on with her computer conversation. Later, she logged off and Shelly pulled up the conversation and called her mother in the room.

After she showed her mom, her mother was mad. She called Colby into the room and questioned her. The whole time her mother yelled at Colby, Shelly sat and cried. Colby just looked at Shelly. “How dare you talk about Shelly like that? How could you Colby? Now, I will give you two choices: you can go to the movies and take you sister, but if you don’t take her, then you don’t go!” her mom yelled.

“Fine, I will take her, but she will be scared.” “I know,” her mom responded. But then when they got ready and entered the theater, Shelly was already scared. They were five minutes into the movie when Shelly got so scared that she cried and ran out.

Colby and Ashley had to chase after her. They called their mom and asked her to pick everyone up. As they sat in the theater and waited, Shelly apologized. The first thing their mom said to Shelly was, “That will teach you not to get into some one else’s business.”

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